About Us

Emily’s Bakery has been in business for over 6 years, serving the local communities with only the highest quality products and services. On June 24th, 2010 Sana and Diego came together and declared full responsibility of the bakery. “We both saw a lot of potential for the bakery, we love what we do and our success has been tremendous since we took over.”

Come by anytime of the day and you are sure to come across something you desire. With a culinary degree in Gourmet Cooking  and Catering, Sana prepares incredible authentic European food for the daily hot table and catering clients. Her expertise does not stop at cooking, she also bakes pastries and cakes for those who love to finish their meal with a sweet treat.

If you are coming in for a quick visit, make sure to grab one of the many delicious loaves of bread baked by Diego. He is one of the finest bakers in the Greater Toronto Area...and it shows. In fact, Emily's takes complete pride in their breads and are sure you will be back for more, the quality, variety and taste is unlike anywhere else.

Come by and experienced a day at Emily’s, your home away from home. We truly care about our customers, quality and service is our top priority and we are sure you will leave satisfied, with a smile on your face.